Disponemos de más de " 20 Hás" dedicadas al cultivo de césped para  la producción de césped natural en tepes.

Nuestros tepes ya formados y con más de un año de enraizamiento le permitiran a usted disfrutar de este producto desde el primer día posterior a su instalación.

Puede pedir su presupuesto con instalación o sin instalación.



Ongreenline, has of more " 20 hectares " destined to the culture of different varieties of lawn with machinery of last generation for the culture and processing of TURFGRASS ROLLS, offering a product of high quality.

TURFGRASS, already formed and with more ONE YEAR of ROOTING, will allow him you, to enjoy our product from the first day of his installation.


                                                             OUR VARIETIES

Bermuda Tifway 4/19

(Cynodon Dactylon x Cynodon Transvaalensis)

Lawn of great delicacy, but in turn, with great resistance to the aggressions. Ideal for his great resistance and capacity of regeneration in gardens with swimming pools and green spaces submitted to a high traffic. Specially indicated for sunny spaces and hot climate. Under consumption of water and nutrients, admitting in addition, a certain degree of salinity. ​





Bermuda / Ray grass / Poa

(Cynodon +Lolium Perenne +Poa Trivialis)

Lawn with the same characteristics of the Bermuda but incorporating certain qualities of the Ray grass as the delicacy, density and sheen. Slightly major need of water and nutrients for the presence of the Ray grass. In hot climates, the Ray grass will disappear to the summer beginning giving step to the bermuda, which, the latter, is the one that will be established in a perpetual way.​






Bermuda/ Festuca

(Cynodon +Festuca Pratensis)

Lawn specially indicated for moderate-hot zones. Very used in public and private gardens, his principal characteristic is a certain tolerance to the shade, which it makes the Sun / shade suitable for gardens with exhibition. A cut admits mas highly that the bermuda and it supports a green intense color all the year round. Need of slightly major water that the Bermuda, but major resistance to the cold.​


(Stenotaphurm Secundatum)

Lawn very used traditionally in gardening by means of the plantation of cuttings. He adapts very well to the moderate-hot climate. Green intense color and thick leaves with characteristic stolons. Great resistance to the aggressions for I trample, diseases and plagues. Minimal maintenance and with great tolerance to the lack of water and nutrients. There constitutes one of the best varieties for shade and a half shade, tolerating also sunny exhibitions. 



           From € 9 per square meter,(does not include substrates) you can have our installation service included the NEW LAW.


As a guarantee of our service and product, we include totally free two cuts after installation of the new lawn.


Check our prices and products and we will make a budget without commitment.