Probably, two decades ago, in our country, to speak of "Landscaping or Landscape" was a very little recognized and unusual concept among private consumers.

Today, fortunately, the general public have more information and reference of this "profession" as old as the first gardens designed by the French landscaper Le Notre in the fourteenth century.


The "landscaping", in its essence is "free, natural and balanced", but in turn, and from the point of view of a "professional landscaper " can be transformed into something abstract or classic, diaphanous or disorderly, questionable, minimalist and even confused. Probably, there is the difference between what the concept of "design and construction of gardens" and landscaping means, where in the latter, landscaping professionals come to propose more avant-garde elements out of the traditional and established. From Ongreenline, we invite you to discover and motivate them to hire our landscaping service.