Jardines Verticales

     Decore su espacio aportando un “toque diferente y natural” . Nuestros Jardines Verticales le proporcionarán a su negocio, hogar o área determinada,  un estilo fresco, vivo y natural que no dejará indiferente a nadie que lo contemple.


Realizamos proyectos  para interiores y exteriores, con medidas estructurales y especies vegetales  “abiertas” según las necesidades de cada cliente y el propio entorno.

                   Decorate his space contributing a " different and natural touch ".

Our Vertical Gardens will provide him to his business or housing, a fresh, alive and natural style that will not make indifferent anybody who contemplates it.

We realize projects for interiors and exteriors, with structural measures and vegetable species "opened" according to the needs of every client and the own environment.


Our system " Alive Picture " is thought for those spaces of interior without need to enter no type of work.

He has in the top part of a container where it will be able to be acting rashly manually as the plants need it.

The container has a few mikes orifices where for capillarity it will be moistening the "Spaghnum" that is the substratum where the plants are anchored.


The back part is totally " waterproofed " and treated for to avoid dampness in the wall.


 His weight (1 m2) ranges I half-close to 15 kg.

 We form his " Alive Picture " with the measures that you need both from high place and from width.


 We have a great variety of indoor plants. It is advisable in spaces of interior with few light, to project towards the "PICTURE" some type of lighting to assure the survival and the good condition of the ornamental species.

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